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How to save favorites in Cinema BOX

Cinema Box is one of the trending apps in the entertainment category. It is, to be honest, the top app. It is used my millions of users all over the world. Cinema Box is the only app currently which allows the user to stream or watch his favorite movie, T.V show, cartoon or anime online. The app is a bomb of entertainment. You’ll get tons of entertainment material inside the app once you start using it. The app not only provides you with movies and T.V shows. It also provides you latest pics and photo gallery of the series or movie which you are currently watching.
The real reason behind this post is, we every time ask you if you any issues or problems with Cinema Box app. One of our readers was confused how he can save his favorite movie, T.V show and cartoon to favorites for easier accessibility. As not only him, but many of our readers asked the same question, I preferred to write a well-explained article on it. Keep reading further to know how to save favorites in Cinema Box.

Why Cinema Box?

Well, the first question which comes to anyone’s mind is why CinemaBox? There are a lot of apps which allow one to stream movies, T.V show, and cartoons. However, CinemaBox is different from others. The features and simplicity offered by CinemaBox app are not provided by any other app. I can bet you on that.
Cinema Box is also one of the only apps which allow the user to stream in HD quality. Yes, you can stream your favorite movie, T.V show or cartoon in HD for free! Without any hidden charges or costs!

Features of Cinema Box

One cannot ignore the amazing features offered by CinemaBox. Cinema box offers some of the top-notch features in the market. You will be amazed to see such amazing features all put together in one single app. Have a look at some of the features offered by Cinema Box and let us know what you feel about them in the comment section below :
– Stream your favorite movie, T.v show, cartoon or anime in HD quality.
– Download your favorite movie, T.V show, cartoon or anime.
– Amazing features to access free of cost.
– No hidden charges! The app is absolutely free.

These are just some of the features of the app. The app has a hell lot of more features which I will leave to you to explore.

How to save favorites in CinemaBox

Lets get to the point now. It is pretty easy to save favorites in CinemaBox. I’ll show you how to do that easily. Make sure that you follow each and every step accordingly to avoid any further issues or problems.
Follow the simple steps below to save favorites in Cinema Box:
#1. Open home screen of CinemaBox.

#2. Select the movie, T.V show, cartoon or anime which you want to save as favorite.


#3. You will see a star symbol to the top-right corner of the app.

#4. Click on the Star symbol and your video will get added to favorites.

That’s it! A simple process to save favorites in CinemaBox apk. I hope now you will be able to successfully save favorites in CinemaBox apk. However, if you are still facing any issues or have any concerns related to the app. Feel free to comment below and we will try to reach you as soon as possible! Stay tuned to our website for more updates about Cinema Box apk!
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Updated: September 8, 2016 — 10:20 am

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