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Features of CinemaBox for IOS

CinemaBox is one of the latest apps which is released for iOS and Android. It is a streaming app. The app lets you stream your favorite movies, T.V shows, videos, and cartoons in High Definition. This app is focused more towards the quality of the stream. The features offered by this app, are more or less negotiable when it comes to stream quality. CinemaBox was recently launched for iOS users, and it is flawless.
CinemaBox is home to thousands of movies, T.V shows, and cartoons. You can definitely find your preferred movie or T.V show on this app. The app is popular to a great extent amongst the iOS users. This app is the best alternative to any other streaming app. The best thing about the app is that your device does not need to be jail broken to use this app. We will show you a new method, which works like a charm across all iOS devices. Keep on reading further.

Features of CinemaBox for iOS

Let us now talk about the features of Cinemabox app. Well, the features are just mind-blowing. You would have never experienced such features in an for free. Have a look at them before you move on to the download process. Below are some of the fantastic and amazing features of CinemaBox app for iOS.

-More than 20,000+ Movies available to stream.
-Allows you to stream in High Definition.
-Supports all major video formats like MKV, 3GP, FLV, MP4, etc.
-You can download your favorite movie, T.V show or cartoon without any charges! Free of cost.

These were some of the incredible features offered by the CinemaBox app for iOS. I hope you will now be excited enough to download the app on your device.

How to download CinemaBox for iOS

CinemaBox has quite a few versions available on the internet. However, we have the latest version of the app provided by the developers. The new version offers many bug fixes. The User-Interface is also improved in the latest app, which makes it user-friendly.

You can download CinemaBox for iOS from one of the download links given below. Downloading the app from our site ensures that the app is 100% safe and malware-free. Our trusted and reliable sources ensure the ingenuity of the app.

How to install CinemaBox for iOS.

The installation process is quite simple. All you need to do is follow each step correctly. If you miss out a single step, the app will not run properly. Follow the simple instructions below to install the app:

#1. Download the app from one of the download links below.
#2. Sign out of your iTunes & App Stores account: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID > Sign Out

#3. Double-click on the downloaded app.
#4. Click ‘Install.’


#5. Open the app.
#6. Hit ‘Cancel.’


#7. Sign in to the iTunes Store using: / Cinema01



Make sure you follow the #7th step properly. If you are still having issues, check your internet connection and try few minutes later.
I hope you have now fully understood about what CinemaBox is and how to install it on iOS. If you still have any doubts or concerns feel free to comment below and we will try to reach you as soon as possible.
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Updated: December 15, 2016 — 11:29 am

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